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On this call I'll do a deep dive into your personal life and identify the gaps between where you're at now, where you want to be and the blocks and restrictions that are holding you back. I will access your Akashic records and retrieve one comparative of your Manifesting Blueprint that shows you how to live your life in alignment with your gift and create successfully your reality.

Cinderella ~ Spiritual Soul Coach
'Soul Aligned Manifesting For Millennials'

In my 6 months International 'Millennials on Fire' online program,
I - Cinderella - guide you towards increasing consciousness, liberation and re-aligning with your Soul. You will discover your divine gifts and Soul purpose. We clear karmic patterns, blocks and restrictions that are holding you back from successfully manifesting the abundant dream life you desire!

But that's not all. We will dive deep into your thought patterns, self esteem, limiting beliefs and reprogram the subconscious mind so that it can serve you in the best way possible. ENERGY is key in creating that what you envision.
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