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The question is: What is your biggest lesson learned so far in life?

Not to have fear to make new choices, to take a leap, a risk, a jump into the unknown, and stepping out of your comfort zone! It means growth, transformation and if you do it from your true heart with full belief, only beautiful and better things can manifest itself.
Every single day when you wake up you’ll have that chance again, to do things differently and to make a new choice for yourself.
Too many people get stuck in a life that doesn’t fulfill them, trying to live up to the standards and pressure of society and depending on others to fill the void within. Tomorrow again, you have a choice, to face your fears and cut loose from poisoning, non-satisfying relationships, marriages, and jobs. Set yourself free, trust yourself!
I speak from experience. I chased and I cut loose. I left The Netherlands 9 years ago with a one-way ticket, a backpack, and no itinerary. Traveled 3 times around the globe and look wherein ended up; Carlsbad, mom of two beautiful kids and happily creating the life I envision. My backpack now filled with lots of stories, lessons, and experiences I collected along my journey.
In the Media