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OUTDOOR WORKSHOP | Healthy mind, Strong body |

30 min Training session with Brian Douglas – Strength and endurance

30 min nutrition information – Misconceptions of health food – Intro to nutrition program – Snacks & samples

30 min Relaxercise session with Cindy de Groot – Reduce stress: stretch, breathe, meditate, heal

Cindy de Groot and Brian Douglas are professionals in their work of field. Their combined skill set exists out of Fitness and Nutritional Coaching/Training plus Relaxercise; a fusion of different mind/body techniques; Yoga, Meditation, Breathing and Deep Relaxation to activate the healing abilities of our bodies and reduce stress.

They offer the complete package for an allround body and mind health approach. They bundle their powers to deliver a journey of transformation from the inside and out. They motivate you to make positive and healthy life choices, transform your body and live up to your full potential!
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