In my 6 months International 'Millennials on Fire' online program,
I - Cinderella - guide you towards increasing consciousness, liberation and re-aligning of your Soul. You will discover your divine gifts and Soul purpose. We clear karmic patterns, blocks and restrictions that are holding you back from successfully manifesting the dream life you desire!

But that's not all. We will dive deep into your thought patterns, self esteem, limiting beliefs and reprogram the subconscious mind so that it can serve you in the best way possible. VIBING HIGH is key in creating that what you envision.

I introduce to you in this HIGH VIBING SOUL SERIES different Masters and their healing modalities that will support you in your healing & manifestation process. Let's start with the incredible healing powers of BREATHWORK!
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On this call I'll do a deep dive into your personal life and identify the gaps between where you're at now and where you want to be, the blocks and restrictions that are holding you back. Together we'll map out a Roadmap to Freedom to live your life in alignment with your gift, who you're here to serve, your mission and your lifestyle goals.

Cinderella ~ Spiritual Soul Coach
"Emotional pain and unprocessed trauma runs deep and very often we're not even aware of its existence...

There's a lot of situations in your lives that were left not fully processed. Also when you choose not to feel what needs to be felt because you're too tough or don't have time for it - you're sweeping it under the rug. And the thing is, your body remembers every single moment when you suppressed those emotions. If you don't release them, they gonna transform into physical tensions, inflammations and chronic pain. And I'm not even gonna talk about the mental health.

Emotion is an energy in motion. If you choose to put shit under the rug, there will be no motion, there will be no flow of energy. When there is no flow that's when the sickness occurs.

My breathwork kinda helps with that as you can see, you should try it one day!"

Witalij Martynow | witalijmartynow.com

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